Issue 1–2

Year 52 (2020)
Issue 1–2 (257–258)

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  • Vesna Jug / University of Primorska, Koper (SI):
    Personality Predictors of Emotional Manipulation in High School Students
    pages 9–26 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Sabina Đuvelek and Žan Lep / University of Ljubljana (SI):
    Preliminary Evidence of Psychometric Characteristics of Slovene Translation of Goal-focused Coaching Skills Questionnaire
    pages 27–48 / Download Article (pdf)


  • Matijas Kozić / Pula (HR):
    Four Characters on Happiness: The Rebel
    pages 51–66 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Sebastijan Pešec / (SI):
    Ethical Sensibility in Dao de jing
    pages 67–84 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Dragan Jakovljević / Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta Crne Gore, Nikšić (ME):
    Projection of Future and the Legacy of Utopian Thought in the Context of Ecological-Biocentric Visions
    pages 85–107 / Download Article (pdf)


  • Petra Koprivnik / Slovenske Konjice (SI):
    Various European Approaches to Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment
    pages 111–132 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Žiga Smolič / Šentjernej (SI):
    Overlooked Rebellion of Partisans of God: Houhtis and Civil War in Yemen
    pages 133–157 / Download Article (pdf)

Slovenian Philosophical Society

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  • Tomaž Grušovnik: Philosophy in the Matrix
    pages 160–162
  • Reports from Events (pages 163–169)
    • Nataša Demirović: Report from 85th Anniversary of Slovenian Philosophical Society Event
    • Nataša Demirović: The Less the Society Thinks, the more It Despises Philosophers – On the Public Position of Philosophy
  • Memoirs of Former SFD Presidents (pages 171–183)
    • Tinkara Tihelj: Introduction
    • Matjaž Potrč: Matjaž Potrč and his SFD Presidency
    • Borut Ošlaj: Slovenian Philosophical Society Between 2006-2008