Issue 3–4

Year 52 (2020)
Issue 3–4 (259–260)
December 2020
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From Human to Animal and Back

  • Tomaž Grušovnik | Faculty of Education, University of Primorska (SI)
    Introduction into Section on Ethics and Animal Studies
    pages 10–11 | Download Introduction (SI/pdf)
  • Teja Brooks Pribac | Independent Researcher (SI)
    Grieving Animals: Building a Theoretical Framework for a Cross-Species Approach
    pages 13–30 | Download Article (SI/pdf)
  • Pascale Molinier | Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (FR)
    Of Pigs and Humans: Regarding an Inherent Tension in How We Treat Animals
    pages 31–48 | Download Article (ENG/pdf)
  • Tomaž Grušovnik | Faculty of Education, University of Primorska (SI)
    Moral Interventions into Nature: Should We Really Painlessly Kill All Carnivorous Predators?
    pages 49–59 | Download Article (SI/pdf)

Translated Philosophy

  • William McNeill | DePaul University (USA)
    Hermenevtika vsakdanjosti: o zapuščini in radikalnosti Heideggerjeve fenomenologije (translation)
    pages 63–81 | Download Article (SI/pdf)


  • Mateja Vrhunc Tomazin | Independent Researcher (SI)
    Focusing, the Practical Application of the Philosophy of the Implicit in Psychotherapy
    pages 85–105 | Download Article (SI/pdf)
  • Damijan Ganc, Nina Krohne et al. | Družinski inštitut Zaupanje (SI)
    Experiences That Last: A Thematic Analysis of Important Positive Characteristics and Acts of Parents During Adolescence
    pages 107–128 | Download Article (SI/pdf)

Art and Science

  • Kristina Pranjić | School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica (SI)
    Contribution of Art and Nonduality to the Scientific Research of First-Person Experience
    pages 131–143 | Download Article (SI/pdf)

Slovenian Philosophical Society

  • Gašper Pirc
    Announcement of the Vice-President of Slovenian Philosophical Society at the End of the Year
    pages 146–147
  • Luca Maria Scarantino
    Ob svetovnem dnevu filozofije (translation)
    page 148
    Download Section (SI/pdf)


  • Martin Uranič | Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (SI)
    Martin Heidegger (2019): O stvari mišljenja
    pages 151–154 | Download Review (pdf)