Issue 3-4

Year 51 (2019)
Issue 3–4 (255–256)

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Phenomenological Perspectives

  • Sazan Kryeziu / University of Ljubljana (SI):
    Husserl and Heidegger on Art and Art Works
    pages 9–34 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Martin Uranič / University of Ljubljana (SI):
    Phenomenology, Things Themselves and Everydayness
    pages 35–47 / Download Article (pdf)

Psychological Views

  • Sonja Pečjak / University of Ljubljana (SI):
    Psychological Perspective of Gender Differences in Reading Literacy: Their Source and the Importance for Educational Practice
    pages 51–70 / Download Article (pdf)


  • Andrej Naterer, Miran Lavrič / University of Maribor (SI):
    Youth and Stress in Times of Individualization: The Role of Community in Experiencing Stress among Young People in Slovenia
    pages 73–95 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Mitja Tomažič / Zgornja Ložnica (SI):
    Georges Devereux: Outline of Complimentary Ethnopsychoanalysis
    pages 97–113 / Download Article (pdf)

Slovenian Philosophical Society in the Year 2019 and Public Discussion The Status of Ethics in Society

  • Gašper Pirc / Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper (SI):
    Overview of the Work of Slovenian Philosophical Society in the Year 2019
    pages 117–122 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Tomaž Grušovnik / Univerza na Primorskem (SI):
    Should we Protect the Profession of Ethicist?
    pages 123–125 / Download Article (pdf)
  • Tinkara Tihelj / Ljubljana (SI):
    Report from Discussion The status of Ethics in Society
    pages 127–139 / Download Article (pdf)